Authorized Dealers in Europe

The following are authorized dealers located in Europe. Please select the country you wish to view from the list below.

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Switzerland | United Kingdom

Silver Star - Dealers Offering Installation
Gold Star - Factory Trained Dealers

SoundTraxx Dealer Training

We have hosted our annual Dealer Training Seminar since 2003. Store owners and technicians from around the globe have traveled to Durango, Colorado, to expand their knowledge of our products and DCC technology.

During the four-day seminar, participants gain a deeper understanding of our products' features and enhance their installation skills and know-how. They participate in hands-on classes, as well as learn tips and tricks for installations and programming decoders for realistic operations.

On our Dealers list, we have indicated which stores have attended Dealer Training by placing a gold star next to their listing. We applaud the extra initiative and efforts of our Dealer Training participants to attend our seminar in order to better serve their customers.

Follow the links below to see highlights from past SoundTraxx Dealer Training Seminars: