Lighting Decoders

Our Accessory Lighting Decoders are a quick, easy-fit solution to light up Blackstone Models™ HOn3 Long Cabooses and Open Platform Passenger Coaches. In addition to three onboard golden-white LEDs, these decoders include three function outputs so you can add more interior lights and marker lamps.

These decoders provide flicker-free lighting in DC and DCC, and include our SuperCap™ technology to keep your cars lit during short station stops. With your DCC system, you can turn the cabin lights on or off, adjust the brightness, or choose a different lighting function according to your preferences.

Long Caboose Lighting Decoder

This accessory lighting decoder fits perfectly against the ceiling of your Blackstone Models HOn3 Long Caboose and wires to the model's factory-installed electrical wipers.

While this decoder is designed specifically for Blackstone Models HOn3 Long Cabooses, it may also fit other small cabooses.

Measures: 80 x 18 x 13mm

Part Numbers

P.N:         Description
810137     Long Caboose Lighting Decoder

Passenger Coach Lighting Decoder

This custom interior accessory lighting decoder provides an easy way to illuminate your Blackstone Models HOn3 Passenger Coaches. This decoder secures neatly to the interior of the roof and uses the model's factory-installed electrical pickups.

While this decoder may also be used in other small cars or coaches, it is designed specifically for the Blackstone Models HOn3 Jackson and Sharp Passenger Coach.

Measures: 124 x 12 x 8mm

Part Numbers

P.N:         Description
810137     Passenger Coach Lighting Decoder