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Microconnector Kit

These 2-pin connectors allow locomotive wiring to be quickly disconnected for easier painting and servicing. Includes a 2-pin connector set, 6" of red wire, 6" of black wire, and four pieces of heat-shrink tubing.
P.N. 810012

Insulative Tubing

Includes 24" of 24 AWG insulative tubing for covering exposed component leads and wires.
P.N. 810036

Shrink Tube

This assortment includes 6" each of 1/16", 3/32", 1/8" and 1/4" diameter tubing for insulating solder connections.
P.N. 810037


These tiny connectors are useful between the locomotive and tender for easy disconnection. Package of ten 0.025" diameter pins and mating receptacles.
P.N. 810058

NMRA-Compatible 8-Pin Connector

This set of four 8-pin connectors is designed to facilitate wiring in locomotives equipped with a DCC-ready socket.
P.N. 810123

DBX-9000 Locomotive-to-Tender Wiring Kit

Use this quick-disconnect harness assembly for separating the locomotive from the tender.
P.N. 810132

9-Pin JST to NMRA 8-Pin Wiring Harness

Easily convert a TSU-2200 or ECO-200 Digital Sound Decoder to a plug-and-play decoder for use with NMRA 8-pin socket equipped models.
P.N. 810135

9-Pin JST Power Harness

Replacement 9-wire to JST power harness for all TSU-2200 or ECO-200 Digital Sound Decoders
P.N. 8100069

Ultra-Flexible Wire

Available in 10-foot lengths, this ultra-flexible 30AWG wire makes decoder installations a breeze. We offer 11 colors to match the NMRA and SoundTraxx standards.
P.N.      Color
Black Wire
810159 Purple Wire
810159 Gray Wire
810159 White Wire
810159 Green/Yellow stripe Wire
810159 Blue Wire
810159 Red Wire
810159 Brown Wire
810159 Yellow Wire
810159 Green Wire